School Workshops

We have developed an OUTDOOR+ONLINE workshop format for schools that do not allow visitors inside just yet.  We’ll meet your class outdoors after announcements to hand out cameras and take them on a guided photo walk. In the afternoon we upload all the photos to your drive and join the class virtually or in-person for a photo editing lesson. Access to Focus on Nature Online resources is included!

About the workshop

The Focus on Nature workshop is a full-day experience with the focus on teaching basic visual design skills and nature appreciation in a dynamic, interactive format.

We give students the opportunity to practice what they have learned in nearby parks and school grounds, plus edit and share their best shots with the rest of the class in a slideshow at the end of the day.

We leave the teacher with all their students’ ‘Top Shots’ and also provide a list of extension activities that have worked well with other classes.

Photos from the previous workshops

Visual Arts Learning

Designed to align with the Ontario Arts Curriculum, our workshops have been well received in classes from grades 3 to 11, including high school specialty arts programs.

Every workshop is led by an experienced Lead Instructor and a Program Assistant who bring all the equipment and materials required to make your Focus on Nature workshop an incredible learning experience.

Workshop Activities

A Focus on Nature workshop includes:
– A morning interactive presentation covering the Elements of Design, composition ideas and the basics of using a digital camera;
– A morning photo walk to a nearby park or natural area, including a hunt for the seven elements of design in nature;
– Nature awareness and sensory activities, such as building nature sculptures and a photo scavenger hunt;
– Photo editing and selecting their Top Shots;
– A slideshow of everyone’s Top Shots shared with the class.

Other points to note

– Our staff are professionally trained in program delivery and have had a Police Vulnerable Sector Records Check completed. Parent volunteers are welcome to join the workshop too!
– Students will have breaks integrated into the program throughout the day but the schedule will not permit regular recess breaks.
– Workshops run ‘rain or shine’ but can be canceled or postponed due to storms.
– All school health protocols will be followed and all equipment will be sanitized before each workshop.
– Thanks to government, business, and community support, we can offer our workshops to classes of up to 30 students for a fee of $330.

Book Now

First select your region, then click on any available spot and follow the link in the event description.

Focus on Nature programming is now available online! Focus on Nature Online can be used to extent learning opportunities beyond the workshop day.

If you have any questions or you are in a different school area and would like Focus on Nature in your school, please email our Operations Manager Maya Ewert <maya(at)>.