Sarah-Jane from John Black PS wrote:

I think it was exceptionally well organized and the leaders were excellent. It was very empowering for the students and each student experienced success with their abilities (both photography and finding beauty in nature). I loved how it got the students outdoors! They really enjoyed the scavenger hunt, the nature sculptures and photo editing as well.

Colleen from Cathy Weaver PS wrote:

Overall an 11/10. It is a well-organized, student geared, and motivational workshop. The instructor explains the elements so the students understand and she moves along at a pace that keeps them challenged and interested. The students are kept focused and stay engaged the entire day. In the end the students were excited about nature and photography and what they achieved.

Tiffany wrote:

My students and I had the best experience with Focus on Nature. My students are all learning disabled and struggle with reading and writing tasks. They are reluctant to try and persevere at new things and often have trouble socially. They became quickly involved and learned that anyone, no matter their skill level or experience can take a picture. I even found myself as excited as them as I learned to take and edit photographs of nature.
My students learned several skills during the session with FON: the power of keen observation, appreciation of nature, recognizing natural beauty around us, camera use, computer skills, recognizing the strength of a compliment to another, working with others and patience. The FON session had such a positive impact on my students that they asked whether they could take and edit more photos. I ended up extending the knowledge my students learned with the FON session and added photography to my media lessons for the term.
Focus on Nature allowed a group of kids who would not normally have the opportunity to use a camera and participate in a “learn how to do photography” camp learn a great skill. The appreciation and love for the arts is so necessary to allow a child to explore his/her own strengths fully. It is my belief that by giving children the experience to explore the arts leads to more well balanced, intelligent adults.
Thank you Focus on nature for a truly wonderful experience for my needy students.

Cheryl wrote:

When my son brought home the consent form for “Focus on Nature” from his school, he said “this is going to be so boring…” You can imagine my surprise when he called my office upon arriving home from school to announce that he has decided to become a photographer! He was so excited about the pictures he had taken and proudly showed them to me and the family. I was in awe. Not only were the pictures he and his classmates took artistically beautiful but the enthusiasm he had was inspiring. He is hooked. My friend gifted him with a digital camera after seeing his pictures and he was up at 7:30 the following morning taking the most amazing shots of flowers and leaves. We have chosen some of his photos to have enlarged and put on canvas to display in our home. Who knew that a class trip he didn’t want to attend would forever change the way he viewed nature…