Vision, Mission and Values

Our Vision
We envision a world where our connections to nature create
a healthy, flourishing planet. We see a critical role for the arts in fostering these

Our Mission
We inspire young people to explore and connect with the natural world through photography.

Our Values
We value treating all things with respect: humans, animals and plants. We respect people’s need for self expression.

Equity, Diversity and Inclusion
We value equity, diversity and inclusion in our practices. We are committed to ensuring children and teachers from diverse communities have the ability to participate in our programs.

We are passionate about the environment and visual arts, and we will work to inspire this passion in others.

We will be environmentally responsible in our work, and strive to foster that responsibility in others. We will act responsibly to ensure the well-being of all participants in our programs.

We believe that people are inherently creative, and we will provide opportunities for people to explore and express their creativity.

We will foster a sense of community by connecting people to each other and to their environment.

We will develop partnerships with other organizations and individuals who share similar values in order to achieve a common vision.

We will follow through on our commitments.

We value trustworthiness in our staff and volunteers as a critical attribute in working with young people.