Focus on Nature Photography Challenges

Post your pics and win a camera!

Are you in need of some fun and educational activities the whole family can participate in? Focus on Nature is here to help!

We have put together some cool nature photography challenges for kids and kids at heart. Choose one or more of the challenges below and post your photos on instagram with #focusonnaturechallenge to be featured on our social media.

Every post will give you a chance to win a digital camera (gently-used and in good condition). The more challenges you and your family participate in, the more ballots you’ll have in the draw. The winner will be drawn April 30th.

Happy shooting!

WIN a FON gently-used shoot-and-point camera by:
   Step 1: Follow @focusonnaturecanada on Instagram
   Step 2: Post your photo with the #focusonnaturechallenge
   Step 3: Comment for an additional chance to win!

Be sure to follow us on Instagram to see when new challenges are posted. We will be posting 2 new challenges per week, so check back frequently for more chances to win!

Create your own Design!

Take a look around your backyard and see what natural material you can find. Can you turn your materials into art? Take those materials and see what you can build! The more detail you can add to your sculpture the more interesting it will be. Remember to post your photo with #focusonnaturechallenge for your chance to win a digital camera!


Set your camera to B&W!

Colour isn’t everything! Black and white photos can show beauty in a different way, enhancing texture, contrast, and even evoking different emotions. 


Pet Pictures? Purrr-fect!

Does your pet have their own unique personality? Try to capture it in a pet portrait!
Remember to post your photo with #focusonnaturechallenge for your chance to win a digital camera!


Face Off!

Have you ever seen a face in nature? Be a detective for the day and investigate nature for eyes, noses, and mouths!

Birds, Buds & Butterflies are back!

The buds are budding, the birds are singing, and warmer weather is on its way! Get outside and find the signs of Spring.


Change your perspective!

We always tend to see the world from the same angle, so try to switch it up and take photos from a totally new viewpoint. You can even try to stick your camera underneath your subject without seeing the screen for a fun surprise!


Compose before you shoot!

Become a professional photographer by thinking of your composition and moving your subject out of the middle and off to the side. Try placing your subject in one of the four corners, or a horizon line near the top or bottom of your composition. 


Shoot Close Up For Impact! 

Be a detective and get up close and personal with the nature around you! Taking close up “macro” photos of nature is the best way to appreciate the intricate designs nature has to offer. 



Can you find all the elements of design in your house/ backyard? Try taking photos of each element of design in nature, or challenge yourself to photograph all elements of design in one photo!