Community Advisors

In addition to the ongoing planning and visionary work provided by our Advisory Group, Focus on Nature staff have appreciated the input and support given by our community advisors. These are individuals who have provided advice and encouragement on an ad hoc basis to staff and the advisory board for the purpose of advancing the long-term development of Focus on Nature.

A special thank you goes out to:


• Cyndi Fleming, Photographer, nature enthusiast, consultant and director, Alton & Associates, helping organizations embrace new and emerging technologies like social media.
• Mike Anderson, Curriculum advisor, chair of environmental issues commitee, Upper Grand District School Board
• Seanna Connell, Founding director of ArtsBridges, a network of arts programmes for at-risk youth
• Chris Earley, Director of Education at the University of Guelph’s Arboretum
• Elisabeth Feryn, photographer and business owner, involved in delivery of FON school programs
• Sophie Hogan, photographer and business owner, involved in delivery of FON school programs
• Ajay Heble, Professor, University of Guelph, and Director of Guelph Jazz Festival
• Brendan Johnson, Executive Director, Everdale Farm and Learning Centre
• Stan Kozak, Curriculum and Learning Specialist, consultant with Learning for a Sustainable Future
• Lloyd Longfield, President, Guelph Chamber of Commerce
• Anne MacKay, Executive Director, Guelph Arts Council
• Bob Millar, Director, Product Development, Inbox Marketer
• Carolyn Ross, former Back to Nature Network Intern, teacher
• Gayle Valeriote, Consultant in board governance and development, Volunteer Centre of Guelph-Wellington
• Sally Wismer, former Executive Director of Guelph Arts Council and ongoing champion of the arts.
• Leslie Work, Coordinator of the Plant an Old Growth Forest Project, teacher and biologist