CELP EARTH WEEK 21- Restoring the Earth

These photos were taken during Earth Week by the 2021 class of CELP – the Community Environmental Leadership Program! CELP is a semester-long alternative school program in Guelph, Ontario for Grade 10 students who are passionate about nature and want to create change in our world.

As part of CELP, the students spend time in natural spaces, ranging from their backyards to local parks and forests, and in a non covid year they  go on a canoe or snowshoe trip in Algonquin Park. First, they connect to the land, and then they work to protect it!

The Photos:   By focusing on the environment, through celebrating Earth Day/Week in schools, CELPers are taught that the planet they live on is beautiful, generous, and fragile. Students learn to value and take care of our earth because they are the next generation of leaders. This year’s theme for Earth Day/Week is “Restoring the Earth.” Humans  have wounded our planet, but it’s important to not lose hope. With the careful guidance of Focus on Nature’s Executive Director Simon Bell these young photographers have highlighted growth and new beginnings, often contrasted against the damage we have done. We encourage you to get outside and enjoy nature and to do your part in restoring our earth.

Learn more about CELP by going to https://www.ugdsb.ca/celp/