Do you ever think there isn’t much to photograph in the winter months? That couldn’t be further from the truth! Check out these helpful tips on how to capture the beauty of nature next time you head outside.

P.S. all of the photos you see in this post were taken by children aged 7-10 in our summer camps and winter workshops. If they can capture such magical photos of nature in the winter, surely you can too!


Focus on tones and textures

The easiest way to add interest to your winter photographs is to focus on tones and textures! Tones refer to the variations of light and dark in your photos, while texture refers to the surface quality of the subject or how it appears to feel. Try looking for unique textures and tines in the ice, tree trunks, and plants you find on your winter walks! Then get close up and photograph these subjects in a unique way that your viewers have never seen.

Photo by Hannah

Photo by Maddie

Photo by Mika





Get close up to find colour

While it might not be obvious at first, there is actually a lot of colours to find in nature in the winter – you just have to look closer to find it! Next time you head outside for a winter walk, try slowing down and looking at the smaller details around you. The closer you get with your camera, the more the colour will fill your frame.

Photo by Gael

Photo by Celia





Use lines in landscapes

With the absence of colours in trees and grass, it is even more important to use leading lines in your landscape photos. Be sure to use pathways, fences, and other lines in unique ways to guide your viewer’s eye through your photograph.

Photo by Hayley

Photo by Ellis

Photo by Kora







Get creative with your surroundings!

The more creative you can be in your photographs, the more impact you will have! Try using props, re-arranging your subjects, or utilizing shadows to create more interesting compositions. You can also try to get creative in your photo editing to bring your viewer’s attention to different areas of a photograph. Check out some of these awesome examples from our march break campers getting creative in their winter photography!


Photo by Hannah

Photo by Avery

Photo by Madyson








We hope you are inspired to get outside and enjoy the beauty of nature in the winter! If you found these tips helpful, be sure to tag us in your winter nature photography on social media.