Are you looking for a few fun activities during lockdown?

Are you sick of sitting inside waiting for the snow to melt?

I think it’s time we embrace our winter surroundings and try a few socially-distanced outdoor activities for the whole family! Check out my top five winter activities below that can be enjoyed in your backyard or nearby park.


1. Build a Snowman

Who doesn’t love a good snowman building competition! Need a way to use some energy on a winter’s day to build a winter friend? Here are a few examples that I have found throughout the GTA. If you are particularly proud of your winter creation, feel free to share it with us on social media, tag @focusonnatureca so we can applaud your snowy friend!

2. Nature Sculptures 

Who doesn’t love creating art through nature? One of my favourite Focus on Nature activities has always been our nature sculptures. Collecting various items in a park or forest can help get your creative mind working, and you never know you might build the next Picasso. Below are a few examples from our past workshops; try and make a family sculpture this weekend and see what you can create.


3. Ice Globe Making 

It is time to get creative with this cold weather and build our artwork outside! One of my favourite Focus on Nature activities is ice globe making. The globes are a great way to bring some colour to your yard and provide an excellent subject! Check out Ice Globe Making for the full instructions.


4.Quinzee Building 

Looking for a cool place to chill out? Well, a Quinzee provides the perfect getaway during the lockdown. Building your vacation hope in your backyard has never been so easy. Follow this Easy Guide to Quincy Building for all the details and get building today!

5.Frozen Sun Catchers 

Some may say I have saved the best for last because who doesn’t love a bit of winter sun? Each day the sun peeks through those snowy clouds is a little more vitamin D for you and me. Let’s celebrate that sun and all that mother nature offers by creating a frozen dream catcher! Collect a few natural materials around your backyard and freeze them in water. I like to add a string to my sun catcher to hang the artwork once frozen.