If you’re anything like me, you love decorating for Christmas! Putting up my Christmas tree has always been one of my favourite festive activities, but I was tired of taking the same photos of my Christmas tree every year! That is why I put together 5 easy tips for taking unique photos of your Christmas tree. Whether you’re taking photos with your cell phone or DSLR camera, these tips will help you take magical photos of your tree in no time!

Tip #1: Turn off the lights

Shooting your Christmas tree in the dark will help your lights shine as the star of your photo! As the main source of light in your picture, the string lights on your tree will stand out best if you turn out the lights. 


Tip #2: Turn your phone or camera upside down!

Taking photos from a new perspective is a fantastic way to add visual interest and capture the attention of your viewer! One easy way to do this with your Christmas tree is to flip your phone or camera upside down so your camera lens is close to the floor. This will allow you to capture a photo of your entire tree no matter how large it is. Better yet, you will be able to show people a totally unique perspective they don’t see every day! 


Tip #3: Shoot through the tree

We are all used to seeing photos of Christmas trees where the photographer stands a few feet back from the tree and takes the photo – so why not switch it up and shoot through the tree to make your photos more interesting! Simply walk around your tree and shoot through to the other side, using the pine needles closest to you as the foreground of your shot. 

This is a great way to focus on the smaller details of your tree. Maybe you have a special ornament you would like to feature that has special meaning to you and your family. 


Tip #4: Use portrait mode or a wide aperture

Using portrait mode (with your cellphone) or a wide aperture (with your camera) can add a magical bokeh effect to your photos. The term “bokeh” refers to the out-of-focus areas of a photograph, which are especially interesting to capture using the lights of your Christmas tree. Using portrait mode or a wide aperture, try focusing on one area of your Christmas tree, while the rest of your photograph blurs out of focus. This will give you a dreamy blurred effect in the background of your image!

You can also try holding an object like a Christmas cookie or decoration close to the lens, and allow your Christmas tree to blur out in the background. This will add depth and interest to your photo, creating a more unique image. 


Tip #5: Make room for people and/or pets

Add some life to your photographs by including your family and furry friends in your shots! You can try taking candid photos of your kids hanging ornaments on the tree or sitting in front of your tree interacting with each other. You can also have the people in your photographs interact with the gifts under the tree – the more creative you are the more interesting your photos will be!

In my opinion, the best photos are the ones that capture real emotions. You can always try making them laugh with this “hilarious” Christmas joke: Who delivers presents to baby sharks at Christmas? Santa Jaws! I’m sure you will get a great reaction with that one! 


Bonus tip!: if you are using the flash, make sure your family is standing further away from the tree, as the flash can overpower and wash out your Christmas lights. 

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